Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Signs Hunter is rubbing off on me...

Hunter and I were at the computer earlier, and I realized that his insanity may be contagious.

He was clacking his teeth (GSP folks, you know what I mean--that "clack, clack, clack" when they are over stimulated) and I started clacking my teeth right back at him. He was sitting halfway in my lap while I was checking email (yeah, sign #2 right there) and was making his "whiney Hunter" sounds. So I started trying to imitate, and we had a good time for a minute.
So I guess Hunter and I both need to be taken away somewhere that has nice people in white coats :)
Seriously, Hunter is a very affectionate boy once you get past the zany, over-wired, high-drive behaviors. He knows his name, and gets his feelings hurt if he is corrected harshly. He wants to please, but doesn't quite know how sometimes. I took my own GSP and 'houla boys hiking the other Sunday--while we were descending the trail I thought that I should have invited Hunter and maybe left the 'houla at home. Hunter is a good boy but is not, I repeat, not the dog for just anyone. His handsome appearance comes with a contract to exercise his mind and body.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The apple of Hunter's eye...

So, in the past weeks I have started a list of things Hunter is obsessed with.
Here are a few:
socks (either laying around or on your feet, doesn't matter to Hunter)
pull cords on ceiling fans
trees that had a squirrel in them yesterday
water bottles (empty or full)
Toby's (resident pitbull) butt
a set of windchimes (hokey, I know, they were my grandma's) in the office--they are shaped like birds, though, to Hunter's credit
doors (especially closed ones)
water (either for drinking or for splashing in)
trees that had a squirrel in them last month
trees that may have had a squirrel in them at any given point in the tree's life

All in all, Hunter is a wonderful boy. He will be hard to place as I am not super confident that a "normal" person will be able to deal with Hunter's super-fried, super wired GSP brain. He is very trainable and very smart. He is very sweet--he likes to cuddle.